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The 2018 Nissan Leaf and #Rapidgate

Recently, a number of YouTube reviewers, when testing the 2018 Nissan Leaf over long trips, found a problem when taking long trips that require multiple quick charges. The short version of the problem, which has been deemed #rapidgate, is this: On the second or third quick charge on a trip, the Leaf quick charge rate tends to drop to half speed.

To be more specific, the Leaf is capable of charging at 50kw per hour at a quick charger. However, quick charging heats up the battery rapidly, and since the Leaf has no active thermal management, to protect the battery, the car starts throttling the quick charge ability. The throttling tends to happen on the second or third quick charge, down to 22kw per hour.

If you don’t plan to take trips using more than one quick charge on the trip, then it’s probably not something to worry about. And this doesn’t impact standard Level 2 charging. However, if you were hoping to use the Leaf for long trips, it’s definitely something to keep in mind.


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